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If you want Outstanding painting service from our Manhattan Beach Painters, give Advance Quality Painting a call today. We are are different type of painting contractors. Who take pride in our work, deliver customer delight and offer competitive pricing. If you are unsure what colors you are going to choose, don’t worry, we can offer color consultation free of charge. We want to help our clients make the decision to paint easy, We only care about delivering exceptional customer service when we complete a paint job. Painting Services in the South bay with Advance Quality is an easy process.

Don’t be that neighbor that hires a painter in Manhatten Beach, CA who takes months months to complete the finsihing touches. Our expertise makes us unique. You will talk to many painters that have been in business for years but you won’t find a painting company like our who have decades of experience.

in Manhattan Beach, CA require a frequent paint job. 

100% Customer Delight

Look Out For These 2 Common Signs

When you are seeking a painter for your Manhattan Beach real estate property make sure you hire an ethical painter. With decades of experience, we have seen unethical work from many painters.

1.The most common things we have seen is painting over rotted wood. Rotted wood should be painted over rotted wood needs to be fixed properly not just by painting. Unattended rotted wood can result to a weak framing structure cause by the salt water and moisture. This will lead to a huge repair cost.

2. Painters are always in a hurry to start the next job and unfortunately many paint surfaces with no primer. Owner’s won’t never know if a painter applied primer or not. But the usually signs are peeling of paint (paint cracks) and streak of paints.

That is why we recommend walking with the painting contractor when performing during the inspection phase when conducting an estimate. This way you can point out the issues and request suggestions and alternative solutions

If you want the best tips for hiring a painting contractor click on the link to learn. Hiring a the best painters like Advance Quality Painting makes a huge difference especially if you are going to sell your property in the future.

We offer a wide range of house painting services for both interior and exterior surfaces.

Interior House Painting Services in Manhattan Beach, CA

We have decades of experience painting bedrooms, cabinets, kitchens, living rooms, to complete interior paint jobs. Make sure you hire an expert Manhattan Beach painting contractors, who will test for lead before starting any type of work required for painting. In 1978 all lead paint were banned from being sold to the public because of the unhealthy causes to the human body especially kids.
Many home today still have lead paint today. That is why it’s important for any painter to test for lead prior to working for any interior house painting services. We care about our clients. It’s only right to test for lead before starting any paint job. That is what we do, but 99.87% of painters in Manhattan beach, CA do not test for lead.

Depending on the color scheme that you like your interior house painter can recommend modern or trendy colors that many owners are painting.
If you current painter doesn’t have an idea, it’s ok we can help you with choosing the right colors to match your preference and your home.
We provide color consultation, cabinet painting, and complete interior house painting service. Give us a call to know how a real professional
experience painting company that cares about you should really paint.

Manhattan Beach Exterior House Painting Services

Exterior painting can only be performed by our team of Manhattan Beach Painters. We have the communication skills, knowledge and expertise to provide solutions and alternatives. We understand that painting can be a daunting process butwe have made this process a stress free during our decades of providing painting services. Applying a fresh coat of paint can increase the value of your home significant. Although not any color can increase the value, some colors actually decrease the value. That is why it’s important to hire painting contractors that focus on adding value to real estate properties like Advance Quality Painting Contractors. We are the only ones that provide this type of service.

Commercial Painting Services

Commercial painting requires precision painters that know that the work needs to be done with high quality, safe, and with no delay to complete the paint job. Hiring the right commercial painters in Manhattan Beach, CA can make the difference between tenants, property managers, and landlord not facing any lost in revenue. We are aware that a commercial property is a business any the more time a painter is there the less traffic there is which reduces revenue. That is why we have experience painters that have been working in commercial spaces for decades. Our master painters and managing directors all know how to properly plan for commercial painting. If you are seeking a premier commercial painting company give us a call, We guarantee that we will finish the paint job on time with 100% certainty.

Why Partner With Advance Quality Painting

Advance Quality Painting is a part of the SKY EDIFICE brands. Advance Quality Painting make their clients their priority, have the extensive experience, and always deliver exceptional services. We are the painting company with the most experience in Los Angeles. No matter if you are seeking residential or commercial services we are one phone call away to deliver exterior and interior painting services.

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