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High Quality Professional Painting of Advance Quality Painting

What you need for your home & commercial property in Hermosa Beach, is a fresh coat of paint.
The average value of a real estate property in Hermosa  Beach, CA is 1.3 million, that is why you need
painters that have decades of experience. In addition, they must be able to provide high quality painting services like Advance Quality Painting. Hire a professional painter to minimize any delays.

If you are having trouble finding the right Hermosa Beach painter head over to our blog page. We recently wrote an article on how to hire the best painting contractor. Our team of painters will leave your interior and exterior surface of your property looking like new. Remember everyone can paint but not only our painters have decades of experience, cummunication skills, and the knowledge to paint your property the right way. Call us today to experience the customer delight that every company is failing to provide.  
Experience Customer Delight

Residential Painting Services In Hermosa Beach, CA

The #1 Hermosa Beach Painter from Advance Quality Painting have provided interior and exterior painting services for the past 20+ years. The team at Advance Quality that is highly experience has a vast amount of knowledge of all the paint product in the industry.
If you are unsure which color to paint your house, we can provide color consultation and advise what color to choose. Coloring can make your property look smaller or bigger.

We offer a wide range of house painting services for both interior and exterior surfaces.

Exterior Painting

Homes in Hermosa Beach require frequent maintenance. The reason for this is due to the amount of salt and moisture in the air. This combination is harmful to properties but can be destructive the structure was weak paint on the exterior. The weak paint will cause the structure of the home to absorb water and salt and will result in a weak framing system That is why we recommend hiring a painter with at least 15 years of experience. Beach homes require more experience and not any paint product works and painting every 5-7 years. The average life span of exterior painting is 5-7 years but can be less if near the beach and the temperature caused a high amount of stress to the property. 

Interior Painting

The interior painting can last up to 11.5 years, if the surface is properly maintained. We provide painting services from  one bedroom, living room, to a whole complete interior paint job. We also have the option of using non odor paint or regular paint. The decision is yours.
At Advance Quality Painting our clients are our #1 priority. Our team of Hermosa Beach painter know this and always act courtesy. We have painted thousands of properties because are the best painters.

We offer a wide range of house painting services for both interior and exterior surfaces.

Hermosa Beach Commercial Painting Services

Commercial paint jobs are necessary for tenant, consumers and revenue. But in order to gain consumers in your business the property must be in mint and top conditions. Hiring the best commercial painters in Hermosa Beach, CA are crucial to add value to your property. We are experts when it comes to increasing value to commercial properties.

3 Reasons To Partner With Advance Quality Painting

  1. First reason, Advance Quality Painting is part of SKY EDIFICE, a construction company that focuses on customer delight. The first company in the industry to focus on exceeding to a level beyond customer satisfaction. Together they challenge all companies increases their customer services.
  2. Second Reason, we have decades of experience painting luxurious homes. Our expertise is on luxury homes in beach cities.
  3. Third reason, We have a 100% success rate on completing projects on time and are the most referred painting company. 
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