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Our team of cabinet painters can give your kitchen and bathroom a fresh coat of paint. Painting your cabinet is a great way to increase the value of your home. Anyone can paint your cabinets but only Advance High Quality Painting Contractors can provide you with an investment return  of over 100% for painting your kitchen cabinets. No other painting contractor can provide you with that. Advance Quality Painting

How Many Coats Do Cabinets Need?

Lets talk on how inexperienced painting contractors perform. It’s important to educate our readers and future lifetime clients why hiring a professional matters. First, painters that lack the experience will apply more than 3 coats. Many will apply 4-5 coats of paint. When you start interviewing painters ask them their process and ask them “how many coats are you going to apply and why is that amount necessary.” If they say more than 3 coats, that are the fit to be hire. 

Cabinets should never have over 3 coats of paint. The reason a cabinet painter will say they need to apply so much has no justification . The paint that we use covers with less than 3 coats. When painters apply so many coats it’s because they don’t have the experience to determine the correct method to apply the paint to the cabinets and it’s because they are using very low quality products. They often apply paint so many times because it never seems to dry. Inadequate paint never seems to dry and painters are in a hurry to finish so they paint before it completely dries. When painters paint before the surface is completely dried cracking occurs within months and years. 

When you hire our cabinet painters we assure you that in our decades of experience we haven’t had clients call us back for paint cracking on their cabinet or anywhere on their property.

What Are The Benefits of Cabinet Painting?

Painting your kitchen will increase the value of your home. But why not hire cabinet specialist that can raise the value of your home at a much
higher market value than all the painters in the industry. If you do not want to remodel your whole kitchen then painting your cabinets is a much affordable option. Cabinet painting and refinishing is an alternative to save money and get a modern look for your kitchen. Here are 5 benefits from painting your cabinets with high quality painters at Advance High Quality Painting.

-Increase Market Value
-Your Kitchen can look Spacious
-More Economical Than A Complete Kitchen Remodel/Expanision.
-Eco-friendly, since we don’t have to consume a lot of waste and new wood for cabinets.

What Is The Best Paint For Cabinets?

Many manufacturers are changing products in the painting industry. Unfortunately, most painters are uneducated on chemicals regarding resin, adhesives, voc, and volume on paint products. Most paint products are interchangeable and some aren’t so be sure that you hire a painting company that knows their paint products. Advance Quality Painting recently acquired by Painting Company has a vast amount of knowledge of chemicals used on the  paint products that we use everyday. We took our time decades ago to learn about these chemicals to provide unparalleled services to our clients. Many painters are using only one time of paint product on cabinets because the paint store are claiming the specific paint is solely for cabinets this paint is called enamel. Enamel paint is not the only solution for cabinets can be painted with enamel, alkyd, and latex paint. We prefer to use water-based products due to its’ health, it dries within 4 hours.

How Much Does Cabinet Painting Cost?

Painting cabinets can range from $3000- $30,000+ The price varies on the size of the kitchen. 3 factors that we take into consideration to determine a price is:

1. Size (The bigger the kitchen the more expensive the average size of a kitchen.)
2. Time (The length of the paint job)
3. Type of Paint (The quality of paint that clients want)

If you look online on how much cabinet painting cost please do not look on review websites such as homeadvisor, yelp, houzz or similar website that have a price of $1.50-$3.00 per square foot as the price for a kitchen. They are not licensed painters or have decades of years painting cabinets.

Cabinet repainting can not be charged on square feet since there is no new wood, the size of the kitchen is not changing, and different work is required than your typical kitchen renovation. Kitchen renovation can be charged on a sq ft since this jobs involve demo, and installing of complete new cabinets.

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