House Painting Services for South Bay

House Painting Services

Don’t be the neighbor that hires painters who make a mess on the street. Our residential or most commonly known as house painters are always responsible for the debris that can be caused by painting. House painting services can be very unpleasant or amazing. We want to work with new clients who share our common goal. Our goal is to only provide painting services to those clients that want the best quality painting. We only do the best quality painting not below exceptional. 

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House Painting SErvices

Our House Painters Are Specialist for House Painting For South Bay

Advance Quality Painting Company offers higher end painting products. We offer them for our interior and exterior paint jobs. We are specialist when it comes to luxury homes, new construction and repainting of homes. We know every product in the industry and our number one goal is to have our clients happy. We only paint at our best and always provide clients with exceptional painting services.

Latex Paint Vs. Oil Paint

We recommend painting with latex paint, also known as water base paint. This kind of paint contains water and is much healthier and safe for the applicants and owners of properties. Long ago the preferred paint was oil based but oil based has been discontinued for hazardous and health reasons. So if you hire a painter that recommends oil paint please think twice about hiring that painter. No oil based paint should be considered, its highly flammable. With our experience we are able to color match any oil based and paint any surface that has oil with water base paint. 

House Painting Services

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Exterior House Painting

Advance Quality Painting Contractors have decades of painting the exterior of homes. A power wash is always recommend to allow the paint to properly stick to the surface.
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Interior House Painting

We offer a wide selection of interior painting services from cabinet painting, kitchens, halls, doors, and complete interior repaints we have you covered. Contact us today to reserve a spot for an estimate this week.

More Services

We Offer A Wide Selection of Painting Services

Residential Painting Services


If your kitchen doesn’t look luxurious, you need to give us a call to provide you with a the cabinets that you deserve. Don’t wait until they fade and becomes more expensive to paint. Call us this week!

color consultation


Color consultation can save the painting contractors and the homeowners many hours of going back and forth with colors. We offer color consultation that will make your home feel more welcoming.

Baseboard &
Crown Moulding

We are licensed to install baseboard and to paint it. Many painters can only paint and install since installing wood work requires an additional contractor license.

Drywall Repair Services

Before any painting is applied to the wall, we always fix any holes or broken drywall. Hire a company that is licensed to do drywall repair and painting services

power washing service


We always recommend power washing before painting the exterior of a house. This will allow the paint to properly stick.

painters for stain


In our decades of painting we have only encountered a handful of painters that can apply stain properly. Wood Staining is process left only for experts

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