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8 Tips For Hiring A Painting Contractor

Hiring a Painting Contractor will be an easy process for you after you read this article. We are licensed painting contractors in the State of California with over 20+ years of experience. After reading this article you will be more aware on how to hire the best painting contractor. Hiring the perfect painter is crucial and the most important step when beginning the process to paint your real estate property. Our goal is educate our readers so they are prepared and hire the most qualified painting contractors in 7 steps.

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Step 1: Know This Law of California Or The State In Where You Reside(Usually Applies to Majority of States)

The first step to hiring a painting contractor is to know this contractor law of your state. Don’t worry you don’t have to be an attorney to understand. We will make this very simple. The law you need to know is California Contractor’s State License Law (Business & Professions Code §§ 7000-7173). This law requires a construction workers(this includes any construction work that requires repair or replacement) to be licensed when they charge a total amount that exceeds $500.00. It is illegal to charge an amount that is higher than $500.00 when the person doing the estimate does not have a contractor license. It’s illegal for owners to hire unlicensed individuals. The point of California Contractor License Law is to ensure the safety of the public from dishonest, unethical, and incompetence individuals.

Step 2: Licensed Contractors Vs Unlicensed Individuals

Now that you know one law from the California Contractor License Law you need to understand why it’s important to hire only licensed painting contractors. In California, Licensed Painting Contractors are regulated by the Contractors State Licensed Board. This means that any the public can make a complain to the painter and the board will respond and could deactivate or suspend the licensed of a contractor for deceptive or unethical work. Keep in mind that there is a due process which can take months or years to solve. But the good thing is that any issue with a licensed contractor can be resolved.

Unlicensed Individuals (They are not called contractors, since they don’t have a contractor license) could begin work and stop showing up and leave your property unfinished. These type of individuals are not regulated since they have no license. That is why their work is of a lower quality and cheaper. These unlicensed individuals are a huge financial burden to you and your family.

Step 3: Check Their Insurance

License painting contractors are required to have workers comp if they have employees. Many unethical contractors report they have 0. employees to save themselves thousands of dollars of insurance cost. If you are wondering how to hire a the best painting contractor just know that you can request a certificate. Request the insurance certificate from the contractor to see that they have insurance for their employees. You as an owner can be sue by the employees or helpers of the painting contractor you hire if that painting contractor doesn’t have insurance. Only licensed painting contractor can buy insurance. Unlicensed contractors can never buy insurance since they are not licensed. 

Step 4: Identify What You Need Done

To get the best pricing by a painting contractor we recommend you make a list before hand. This will ensure that you tell all the painters that you interview the same thing. Telling one painter less or more will result in the price being different. Provide the painting contractors with the same information you give all the painters you are getting a quote from.

Make sure you you tell them the quality of the product if not make sure all the painters quote you for the same type of paint. Most painters prefer to use low quality whereas advance quality painting always use the best paint. That is why it’s important to give the same information to all the bidders. So you can get the best quote and best price.

Step 5: Hire Painters With 20+ Years Of Experience

You will bump into painting companies that claim to have a “combined experience of 50 years.” This sort of phrase means they lack the experience and are combining the experience of everyone in the company to gain a bigger number they can use for experience. The Painters from SKY EDFIICE Painting have 30+ years of experience alone. This means that if everyone leaves except one painter, the painter will have 30+ years of experience. Experience painters use high quality paint products, meets deadlines, and create a stress free painting process. Experience Painters understand that all surfaces required different paint. Inexperience painters don’t know that every surface required different paint and that cabinets and the walls require different paint products. That is why it’s important to hire experience painters.

Step 6: Request An Estimate

Request an estimate. We advise to get estimates that are emailed to you. That way you can review it on your own time without the painting contractor trying to sell you more than what you need. In addition, ask for a detailed estimate to prevent and assumptions. The more detailed the more time the painting contractor put time into the estimate. This usually indicated the painter is detailed and patience which are qualities that are needed when you work in the painting industry. Don’t get estimates with some numbers, if you do ask for more details and call the painting contractor. You are trying to get the best painting contractor, and they are competing with several painters. So in order to know how to hire a painting contractor asking them question is the ideal way to know for sure.

Step 7: Hiring a painting contractor that request 10% Down Payment Or More is Disqualified

Hire a painting contractor that request only 10% of the total cost to paint. If contractor requests a down payment greater than 10% of the total cost of the project is illegal and unethical.  Painting Contractors know that they are required to only request the maximum of 10% as a down payment and nothing higher than that. Ask the bidders of their required down payment before making a decision to hiring.

Step 8: Get A Contract

Get a contract by the painting contractor when you are read to hire that includes: 

Paint product, 
Start & Time of completion,
The scope of work
and most importantly the amount that you will be required to pay.

Contractors like to begin work with no contract so they can increase price during the work, they do this so the owners have no alternatives than to pay a higher amount to complete the work. Although there many reason why a painting contractor will increase the price often times its because work was not included and the owner adds additional work during the project. Things of this sort happens everyday in the industry. 

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