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Most Referred Painting Services in South Bay by Advance Quality Painting

Advance Quality Painting has been serving South Bay, Los Angeles and surrounding areas for over 20 years.  If you are seeking a painter for your home or business, find out why were are the most recommended painting company for house painting and commercial painting. Our local painters in Los Angeles have years of experience. You are backed by the experience of a painting company with decades of experience. Not only are we are experts in painting but we are also experts on value add properties. We have increase the value of properties by over 100% of ROI. We are the only painters with this known strategy. We have worked with hundreds of real estate agents to increase property values for homes. We have also worked with homeowners and commercial landlord & tenants. 

This is our Business Model

Customer Delight

We are happy to introduce a new business model we call it CUSTOMER DELIGHT. This model is provide by no one else in the industry. We are happy to implement this to our business. Customer delight is exceeding the clients’ expectations gained only by prioritizing our clients and doing more than we have to make our clients extremely happy. We have been providing customer delight for decades. 

Experience Customer Delight

Most Trusted Painters in Los Angeles

Are you looking for the perfect near me painters in South Bay, CA : Long Beach, Hermosa Beach, Palos Verdes or the surrounding areas of Orange County, Los Angeles, and Inland Empire? We are the most trusted painters in Los Angeles because we have been in business for many years. In addition, we have 0 complaints and 100% of our clients are happy with our painting services. Partner with a painter that knows all the paint products in the painting industry. This knowledge is helpful because not all the surfaces are painted with the same products. Painters must be able to identify which products to use and which not to use. The products vary from commercial properties to residential properties. Even HOA, retail, and marine surfaces require different products.

OUr PRocess

1. You Give us A call To Schedule an Appointment
2.We confirm your appointment & arrive on time!!
3.We arrive on time, and inspect the property. 4.We provide an estimate.
5.You Hire us
6. We signed a contract to ensure your property will be finished on time and not additional money will be charged to complete the work.
7. We provide updates during the painting process
8. We complete the work.
9. YOU SMILE & remain happy because you love our painting services

Why Clients Love Our Services

Reasons why our clients always choose us.

1.We have the resources to match any licensed painting contractor in Los Angeles

2. We always show up on time,

3. We only use the best painting products in the industry.

Your Happiness is Our Success

We remain the #1 house painting company in Torrance, CA and commercial painters because we always make our clients extremely happy with out painting services. We don’t understand why painters don’t treat their clients the way they deserve. We are only in business because of our clients and because we love to paint. Seeing our clients smile is just a bonus that we enjoy watching everyday.

Providing Smile To Our Clients Everyday. Are You Next?

Our Painting Services

We only perform the best work we can, nothing below exceptional! That is why our painting services are one of a kind. We take pride in our work and only do the best. At least one painting company has to keep doing things right. That is why we have made thousands of clients happy during of long years of business. Some of the painting services that we provide are house paintingcommercial painting, office and retail
house painters, exterior painters

House Painting

We have the expertise to paint luxury homes, new construction homes, and repainting of the average size home. With our experience of over 20+ years rest assure that our painters will put a smile on your face.

exterior painters, exterior house painting services

Commercial Painting

Partner with an Los Angeles County commercial painting company that will finish painting on time with no delays. It’s crucial to finish on time for events such as business opening, rebranding or to have the property listed for sale.

Advance Quality Painting Can Increase The Value of Your Property

More Services

We Offer A Wide Selection of Painting Services

Residential Painting Services


color consultation

Color Consultation

Baseboard &
Crown Moulding

Drywall Repair Services

power washing service


painters for stain


Commercial Painting Services

hoa painting company, hoa painters

Hoa Painting

office painters, painting contractors for offices

Office Painting

retail painting

Retail Painting

Painting Contractor In Los Angeles, CA

Our History

Advance Quality Painting Company is a painting company based out of Los Angeles, California that focuses on adding value to real estate properties. They have worked with thousands of real estate companies, agents and brokers. They have decades of experience and a success rate of 100%. 

Partner With Us

Advance Quality Painting Company has one goal. That goal is to keep their clients happy from start to finish. They have been able to accomplish that goal every single day for the past decades that they’ve been in business. They truly care about their clients.

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